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Dumbo Gets Mad – Elephants At The Door (Eclectic Prawn MP3)

The new Dumbo Gets Mad album ‘Elephants At The Door’ is available to download for nothing more than a tweet right HERE. I’ve been listening to this most of the day, the jury is still out but at the very least the album has piqued my interest. I’m very much on the fence for the minute though, on one hand I’m thinking that this is entirely forgettable, but on the other this psych-rock genre-hopper has gotten some kind of hook in to me. I’m hearing little bits of Deerhoof, some Modest Mouse and honestly all sorts that I am yet to get my head around, there is some pretty sweet sax too. Check out the cut “Eclectic Prawn” below and then please download the entire LP for FREE over at Bad Panda Records.

Dumbo Gets Mad – Eclectic Prawn MP3 (Right Click / Save As)

Meanwhile, artwork for the upcoming (hopefully) Glassjaw Ep has surfaced, check it out below. At least it is better than the last Ep which has to go down as one of the worst album covers ever, check out my review HERE.



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