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Starfucker – Death As A Fetish + Radiohead – Supercollider / The Butcher (MP3)

Starfucker have had a few tunes out there over the past few months or so; now their new record Reptilians is out on Polyvinyl Records. The songs that I have heard so far have reminded  me hugely of the Flaming Lips, the use of acoustic strumming backed by sci-fi inspired sound effects has been Yoshimi through and through. Reptlians follows up on the promise of these tracks, offering up a psychedelic journey through 80’s synths and late 90’s hooks. I’m really in to this album and one of the songs that stuck out was Death As A Fetish; it’s kind of an anthemic song that offers none of the defiance that the band name might suggest, but it’s good and positive and I like it. Much like the rest of the album, check it out:

Starfucker – Death As A fetish MP3 (Right Click / Save As)

Meanwhile, it was Record Store Day today. And while I didn’t make it to any of my favourite shops, there were some incredible releases scheduled for all over the globe. I hate to say most noteworthy, but of “significant” note was a new 12″ from Radiohead. Featuring two new tracks, Supercollider and The Butcher. As far as I am aware, at least one of these two King Of Limbs session tracks has been played live by the band recently. They both kind of follow on from the latest album in terms of style; beats trump guitars and vocals skirt proper hooks. I still absolutely love them though. Check vinyl rips out below:

Radiohead – Supercollider MP3 (Right Click / Save As)

Radiohead – The Butcher MP3 (Right Click / Save As)


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