Youth is wasted on the young

Gareth Cheshire – Galaxia (Stream) + Brassica Remix (MP3)

The clue is kind of in the song title with this one. The spacey synths twist and warp around a disco beat that just hits so hard. Listening to this track is such a pleasure, it just keeps getting better and better as it progresses, breaking down and rebuilding beautifully at around the half way mark. So much happens throughout the song, it changes and mutates just when you think you have a handle on it. Amazing track.

When you’re done having your mind blown by the original edit, check out the Brassica mix. If the original was perfect for a club or a decent stereo then this mix is perfect for outdoor headphones. The beats are still present but everything seems a little more subdued and dreamlike,  less clean sounding, the emphasis clearly on the progginess of the keys. I love the way that the melody that bookends the track almost playfully verges on falling apart. One to stare at the stars to. Seriously!!! Check these songs out!

Gareth Cheshire – Galaxia (Brassica Remix) – MP3 (Right Click / Save As)


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