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Soldiers Of Fortune – Sleeping Sentinel (MP3) + Tyler The Creator – Tron Cat (Mp3)

If you look toward the lower end of the Animal Collective ATP line-up you will notice just above stand-up comedian Matt Baetz an act named soldiers Of Fortune. Granted, the billing of an ATP line-up means nothing but it would be easy to overlook the lower echelons of a list of artists that includes acts as high-profile as Big Boi and Beach House. From what I can gather, Soldiers Of Fortune are a super group of sorts, and have been active since 2004. I am not going to delve in to the various musicians that have been and are currently involved in this band because for me, the fact that Kid Millions features on drums is reason enough to take note. Sleeping Sentinel, taken from the debut album Ball Strength is an exciting slice of psych-garage rock that features plenty of sick guitar soloing, awesome backing vocals and some of the best drumming you are likely to hear this side of Oneida. Check the MP3 out below and be sure not to overlook them if you’re lucky enough to be attending AC’s ATP:

Soldiers Of Fortune – Sleeping Sentinel MP3 (Right Click/Save As)

Odd Future ringleader Tyler is due to drop his new album Yonkers on May 10th. If his recent NME cover is anything to go by, this shit is going global. The album is being kept under tight wraps and so far the singles Yonkers and Sandwiches  are the only two jams to have been aired publicly. Tron Cat can now be added to that much sought after list of songs. Odd Future may be the most exciting thing to happen to rap since the Wu-Tang Clan and the most punk rock thing to happen to music since the Pistols and Tron Cat both affirms this sentiment and heightens the anticipation for this album further still.   Tyler is clearly compromising nothing, the production is as dense and intimidating as ever and the lyrics equally controversial; “Rape a pregnant bitch and tell my friends I had a threesome”. TYLER FUCKS DOLPHINS………. A-MAZING!!!

Tyler The Creator – Tron Cat MP3 (Right Click/Save As)


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  1. Narberther

    Saw Soldiers of Fortune by accident at ATP on Friday, left after 15 minutes of lee scratch perry. Glad I skipped it. SoF were on fire. A real treat.

    It’s all about your stance

    May 19, 2011 at 9:02 pm

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