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Clams Casino – Realist Alive (MP3)

I have to be honest; not a lot of music has been inspiring me particularly of late. I seem to have spent the past couple of weeks or so listening to new albums by the likes of Battles, Fleet Foxes, TV On The Radio and Okkervil River (amongst others). Which on paper, a couple months ago would have been a mouth-watering prospect, but the reality is that despite none of these being particularly bad records as such, they have all failed to live up to my own personal expectations in one way or another. Even the Tyler album, whilst still growing on me, didn’t quite hit the mark. All of this kind of seemed to be building towards hearing Clams Casino for the first time. Hailing from New Jersey, Clams Casino is a bedroom producer who has most notably produced beats for Lil B. Admittedly, I’m not familiar with this material but having been lifted out of a post ATP lull quite magnificently by this free Instrumental Mixtape, I can wholeheartedly vouch for his solo stuff. Where this music stops becoming trendy and current and starts becoming spectacular is with the emotion that he evokes through the use of the samples. Similarities can be drawn with acts such as How To Dress Well but for me the emotional leverage squeezed from the source material is far more similar, if not a hell of a lot more subtle than Kids & Explosions. The manipulation is masterful, and that’s without even mentioning the beats; which not only pack an equal punch but are impecably timed and arranged. These songs are both euphoric and sad at the same time, inspiring yet introverted, cloudy but at the same time beautifully crisp. It’s far too seldom that I feel this enthusiastic and affected by new music so swiftly, and what I love is that it always seems to happen both when I least expect it and when I need it the most. Check out one of the many album highlights Realist Alive below, and download the full mix HERE.

Clams Casino – Realist Alive MP3 (Right Click / Save As)

ZOMBY!!!! WHERE WERE YOU IN 2011????????


A Mixtape For Your Earphones Vol. 2

The second installment of the AWIYEs Mixtape series is now available for download, featuring some songs I love loosely nestled within a theme I love.  Click the image below to download:





Millersmixtape.MP3 (Right Click / Save As)

Track listing:

– Opening Theme
Six By Seven – England & A Broken Radio
Panda Bear – Atiba Song
– Flunky
Tshetsha Boys – Nwampfundla
Ga’an – Servant Eye
– Papa Papa
Blackbird Blackbird – Fade To White
– I think these guys are gonna Whack me
Soothsayer – III
Black Dice – Motorcycle
– Look to Your Heart
Wacka Flocka Flame – Live By The Gun (Feat Ra Diggs & Uncle Murda)
Lapti Nocow – Sirenas (Part 1)
– End Theme

A Mixtape For Your Headphones Vol. 1

Click the image to download









– 1 Player 2 Player?
1. Laurel Halo – Metal Confection
2. Geotic – Disrobe and Come to Bed
– First Floor
3. OFWGKTA – Leather Head
4. The Forms – Fire To The Ground (feat Matt Berringer)
– End level / High score
5. Skylines – Sky
6. Power Animal – Better Water
– Choose the sword
7. Star Slinger – Like I Do
8. Lady Lazarus – Nazarite Oath
– Mr X.
9. Glassjaw – Natural Born Farmer
10. A-1 – Golden Girls
– But their happiness does not continue long