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Zomby – Dedication (Album Stream) + Lady Lazarus – Took In My Diamond Heart (Video)

Dubsteps very own answer to Houdini will release the follow-up to Where Were You In ’92 early next month, but you don’t have to wait until then to hear it. Head over HERE to stream the full album a month ahead of its scheduled release. I was still feeling a little sore after his ATP no-show but it’s hard to stay mad whilst listening to Dedication. A few of the tracks do seem to cut out unexpectedly, hard to tell if this intentional or if some of the tracks are partially streaming as samples. First impressions are promising. In fact, without wanting to jump the gun or to get carried away with my initial enthusiasm, I think this album may be a bit special. It’s way less frenzied than ’92, the horns are minimal compared to that album and the instrumentation far more eclectic. Specifically with some nice use of piano towards the end of the second half. It seems to have a far more introverted vibe which may well lend itself to solitary listening rather than clubs; not to say that there aren’t some strong beats here though, they are just less in your face and used more sparingly. These are just my initial thoughts after the first spin but it would be fair to say I’m pretty excited, looking forward to giving these songs a chance to really bed in.

Also, check out the below video from Lady Lazarus. Admittedly it’s mostly just some feet and legs shot in slow motion but the song itself Took In My Heart is totally mesmerizing. A simple piano progression repeats over and over whilst the vocals manage to stay just the right side of tuneful, burying themselves just deep enough to give them that ethereal quality that keeps me coming back to artists such as Grouper and U.S Girls. Delving slightly deeper than the piano brings its own rewards as higher register keys twinkle away and what sounds vaguely like harmonica cuts a subtle backdrop. The intricacies of the song are so delicate and pretty that by the time it comes to an end, three minutes just doesn’t seem like long enough. Ironic given that I found the album itself (Mantic) to be a touch on the long side, still a really good album though and well worth a look.


Panda Bear – Tomboy (Album Stream)

It’s been a long time coming, but Tomboy will drop next week and NPR are streaming the album in its entirety over HERE. I’ve only listened a couple of times but my first impressions are pretty good. The first thing that jumped out at me was how different some of the songs sound from their original 7″ state. The title track especially, I guess its been a while since they were originally released but judging by how revamped and rejuvenated they sound here, we were probably buying demos back then. Even though the majority of the songs are familiar, this is going to take some time to digest and appreciate fully so I will keep this brief. I still have no idea why Panda Bear hasn’t been added to the AC curated ATP though, should be a no brainer given the timing of this albums release.

Return Of 4 Eva, the new Big K.R.I.T record is now available for download over HERE, it’s good and you should check it out considering it’s free. I think it might be a bit too long, but then I think most mixtapes are too long, It really is very, very good though.